Welcome ♥️ Beloved!

Rekindle your passion for God: Return to your first love..


Something feels different between you and The Lord. You still love and serve Him. At one time you would seek Him and His presence was so strong. Now you can barely sense Him. You don't know why. You keep asking The Lord to search your heart and reveal if you’ve done anything wrong. You don’t get an answer. Then you go to The Lord crying out with total desperation. Father, I can’t breathe without you. Lord, your the air that I need. I can't live without You. Without You there’s no me. 

Desperation makes us weak. Most importantly it makes us seek. During this time of desperation, read the Bible for inspiration. This is one of the best opportunities to show The Lord how much you love and desire Him by continually seeking Him. You’re dependency in Him is growing. You’ve decided you need Him more than anything else in this world. You’ve now completely surrendered your life to Him. You’ve developed a much deeper relationship with The Lord. At one time you called Him Savior. Now You call Him, Lord and Savior. Your Love for Him is deepening. Your longing to worshipping Him. “Seeking His Face.” 

Your beginning to feel His face shinning upon you. Your awareness of His Presence has increased. Remember, how incredible God's Presence was in your life before, well get ready to be completely overwhelmed. You will begin to experience intimacy with The Lord like never before. Keep Seeking HIm...

Rekindle your passion for God: Return to your first love..